Technical Dept.

Our commitment to be monitoring the most advanced injection techniques.

Gas assisted injection moulding

Our vast experience using Gas Assisted Injection Moulding Airmould ® allows us to produce high thickness parts without reducing their resistance and aesthetic features. We have been using this technique for more than 20 years, injecting tubes and strong handles for refrigerators, ovens, and car doors with successful results in the fatigue test applied.

2k Parts

Our equipment allows us to inject 2 different materials in the same machine using rotative or transfer molds, or sincronizing 2 injection machines in paralell.

Special finishings

We supply millions of chromed, PVD or painted parts, to which we can apply further processes like screen, tampon printing or hot stamping. These parts and the assembled components are controlled and traced 100% using colour meters, artificial vision and semi-automatic processes to provide the best quality.

Pop-out knobs

PLADOMIN has developped several patents for pop-out knobs that allow us to solve our customer needs for this type of knobs in ovens, washing machines and other electric appliances. Our test machines perform life test measuring speed and push forces to ensure the performance or these controls over their lifetime.


Leather covered parts

We develop the designs and supply parts covered with real or synthetic leather in applications like gear shifts, hand breaks, gloveboxes or armrests for automotive customers. Thanks to our partnerships in Morocco we can assure the highest quality and competitiveness on these products.

Overmoulding of inserts

From telephone cables in the 80’s for Alcatel, to complex and resistant parts that combine strong Steel inserts with aesthetic exterior covering, Pladomin has an important background overmoulding all kinds of inserts: metallic or plastic of all sizes, from tiny nuts and wires to long parts of more than 1m.

More than 50 years of experience and our quality certificates guarantee our products.